About Us

Mission Statement

The Columbia Angels is an organization focused on building men of character both on and off the baseball diamond by teaching the qualities of integrity, teamwork, and excellence.  Our mission is to develop players to reach their highest potential while instilling qualities that will guide them throughout their lives.



The Columbia Angels were founded in 1993 by Clay Hill when he recognized the need for elite High School players to have the opportunity to play summer baseball at a more competitive level.  Clay believed in providing his players with opportunities to gain exposure to college and professional scouts.  Clay’s vision still drives the Angels organization today as we focus on recruiting the most competitive players to play at the most competitive events which in turn provides the highest level of exposure for our players.  We believe that “iron sharpens iron” and to play the game at the highest levels a player needs to always work harder than their competition.

Over the years, Clay Hill’s dream has laid the foundation for the Angels organization to become one of the most prominent elite level programs in the country.  The Angels have seen hundreds of players earn the opportunity to pursue their dreams of playing baseball at both the college and professional levels.  We believe that our success speaks for itself as you look at the number of players who have gone on to play the game in college and in the MLB.  

What makes the Angels different?  Our organization focuses on the players first.  Many organizations want to tell you how many trophies or championships they have won.  They make it about the organization and we always keep our players as the focus for everything we do.  At the Angels, we ask that you evaluate our success based on the number of players who continue to pursue THEIR dreams of playing the game we all love.  The Angels philosophy is simple and straight forward…..PLAY HARD…..THE RIGHT WAY…..THE ANGELS WAY.  We believe this philosophy will serve our players not only on the baseball field, but the field of life as these young men continue on their life journey.